Countries that aren’t getting many tourists per year

We all know the popular countries that we can go to, that are always popular and that get hundreds of thousands of tourists per year. However, this isn’t the case with some other countries. Even, if these countries are great to visit and offer many attractions for tourists, these are countries that people just don’t go to. And, you will be surprised about how great these countries actually are, once you went there. These are some of the top countries that are getting many tourists per year:


You might have heard about this country, but you aren’t sure if this is a great destination for your next international holiday. This is one of the countries that are getting the fewest tourists per year. This is because of its location on the specific ocean and getting there can be a challenge.

However, if you are able to get there, and you have the budget, this will be a place that you will not forget that easily. There are many tourist attractions and you will be having a great time when you are in Tonga.


Bhutan is a unique country to visit, and if you are in the mood for a country that is different and offer a different type of sightseeing, then Bhutan is the place to be. The reason why so few people are considering going to this country is that of the process of getting your visa and travel permit for this country.

This is a huge task, and not many people are looking forward to this task to get an approved visa and travel permit for Bhutan. And, then you need to find a flight that will take you there as well. However, this is really a great country to visit, if you are tired of the city life.

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands are a bunch of islands that are known for their tropical plant and sea life. This is a great country that you can visit, but there is one serious reason why this is a country that not receives many different tourists.

This is because this is one of the countries that are the most expensive. There aren’t many different ways to get to the island and getting it is really expensive. Even the accommodation isn’t something that you can consider when you have a limited budget.

Marshall Islands

Another great and beautiful island is the Marshall Islands. But, this is one of the top 5 countries that are getting the least number of tourists per year. There is a simple reason for that. Finding a flight to the Marshall Islands is a challenge and if you find one, you are going to pay high flight tickets. No matter what you are doing to ensure the cheapest possible ticket price.

These are the top countries that are getting the least number of tourists per year. There are a variety of reasons for it, but the most common one is because this is going to be an expensive holiday to book a holiday at any of these destinations. (roofing contractor seneca sc)